Solar PV System Design Services

The need for alternative energy sources has seen the world move from over reliant on electricity to using other efficient sources such as solar energy. Many industries have sprung in the recent past as they aim to fill the increasing need of solar energy. Corona Energy is one of the leading providers of smart solar energy solutions around the world. The company takes pride in using up to date and technology powered solar PV system design that allows our clients to receive the most effective energy service solutions. The company has well educated and skilled labour force that understands the procedures involved in creating an outstanding solar energy plants for high electrical output.

Engineering And Project Design

Corona energy is one of the leading solar power plants that have produced high quality industry leading solar energy solution to many. Some of the smart energy solutions we offer include:

  • Solar panel construction
  • Solar panel design
  • Solar power design management and construction
  • Solar pv system design
  • On and off grid solar panel system design
  • Solar energy system design
  • Procurement of system component
  • Project development
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We have designed hundreds of MW solar designs and take pride in abiding by the industry rules and regulations to come up with high quality solar designs. We have conducted solar energy design for local and international clients. We help our clients to come up with high quality and technology driven solar power system design that meet their needs and requirement. We understand the fact that many clients are looking for effective sources of electricity that can meet the increasing demands for the same. As such, Corona Energy will not only help you with the design but we will also manage the project right from the beginning to the end.

High Quality Designs

At Corona Energy, we have expert engineers who have designed over 1000 MW of Pv plants. We also understand that solar system design requirement vary from one client to the next and from place to place. This is why we consider factors such as soil type, topography, weather, topography, layout, wind, system configuration and required technology while coming up with our solar panel system designs.

Out company work hand in hand with experts from other well established solar energy development companies in India to ensure high quality designs. Our experts use high quality and efficient in-house products and current technology in constructing solar energy system design for our clients. We ensure that aside from using high quality materials, the end products become reliable, durable and features outstanding price performance ratios across the globe.

Efficiency In Solar Panel Construction

We do not only maximize energy output but we also ensure that out solar panel system design also functions in maximizing yields in electricity yield while minimizing LCOE. To achieve high efficiency in constructing our collar panes, we refer to current industry standards such as energy production requirement and use effective tools, services, and expertise in project constructions. Corona Energy has the expertise to provide global clients with smart solar energy solution having designed hundreds of solar energy plants to different clients around the world. We also follow current industry best practices.

The firm also provides solar PV design parameters that deliver maximum financial outcomes. At Corona Energy, we understand that some clients would want to invest in solar energy project with the main aim of commercializing them. as such, we will not only help you come up with the PV design parameters but will also guide you on how to invest and commercialise your power plant for maximum financial returns.

Other Services

We also provide our clients with services such as on grid solar system design that provides maximum electric solar power PV to our clients. We use high capacity inverters that will ensure that the solar energy harvested does not last a moment but lasts long enough to meet all your energy needs. Our client can also be sure to receive off grid solar system designs that function as stand-alone solar power plants. These plants are also capable of producing high amounts of solar electricity to meet the high demands of electrical energy in houses and small factories. At Corona Energy we provide our customers with solar panel construction and working solar power project management services to help them meet their energy needs.

Therefore, if you have been looking for a solar energy company with the expertise in construction, management, with high quality and reliability solar panels that will provide effective returns on your finances then contact Corona Energy today without any delay.