Maintenance & Operation

Our Team is experienced and efficient In Planning, Co-ordinating and taking care of operetaions and maintainance work. Efficient operation and maintenance is the basis for stable yields fir many years. We competently administer the entire life cycle of your plant. With our services, we ensure that your system generates reliable and inexpensive energy.

The solar system’s Inverter is what converts power produced by the panels produce into usable energy. If your inverter is faulty, a lot of energy can be produced but not utilised. At Corona Energy, we check the connections between your main service, the solar panels and the inverter to ensure that you’re getting maximum results. To maximise the inverter’s performance, we clean it thoroughly.

Your solar system’s breaker acts as protection by preventing excess electricity flow in a panel, which causes a short circuit or an electrical fire. The circuit opens in the case of too much charge, preserving your system. We check your breaker for any wear and tear, improper model use or damage.

Shade covering your panels can keep your system from performing at its best, despite the durability or efficiency of your panels. Let Corona Energy check for any obstructions or materials that may keep the panels from working well. Our experts will run tests to determine the effects of the surroundings and shade on the solar panels, and will consider your options for fixing any problems.

If installation is not compliant to fire codes created by fire and government departments to keep home owners safe, there could be insufficient ventilation and limited access to the roof. Fire codes provide for good smoke ventilation in the instance of a fire, with enough roof access to extinguish any fires. They state where wiring can be placed to reduce risks of electrical fires. Installers from Corona Energy will conduct a complete check of the system and fix anything that doesn’t comply.

An uninformed and unprofessional installer may use wire nut or techniques that are not proper when connecting multiple wires. We have wire nuts that should not be used outdoors as they cannot withstand moisture. They can corrode when used in an outside electrical system, damaging your system. Most cannot withstand a lot of heat. They can cause a short in between connected wires if they melt. When we inspect the installed system, we will make corrections to all connections that go against caution.

Monitoring your system’s energy production helps to realise whether it’s producing the expected amount and brings any issues to your attention when they happen. It also helps note when the system is working maximumly. If there are already monitoring services on the system, Corona Energy will transfer them to Corona Energy servers. This enables you to constantly monitor the system you have in place whenever and keep track of how much energy is coming in. Corona Energy will make inspections on the monitoring equipment you are using and ensure its accuracy.

O & M Facilitates

  • On-site inspections to record plant condition
  • Inspections and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and standards of technology
  • Maintenance and repair contract (preventive maintenance and repair work, including spare part
  • Inverter maintenance
  • Maintenance of components of medium-voltage systems
  • Repair of equipment and major components defects
  • Troubleshooting service with 24/7 on call duty
  • Conducting recurrent or condition-based tests
  • Retrofits, upgrades, updates
  • Monitoring of plant commissioning and acceptance tests
  • Landscaping
  • Removal of vegetation and maintenance of access roads
  • Maintaining mitigation and compensation measures